Thursday, January 20, 2011

EEG Brain Machine Interface

A couple of years ago, I mentored a Senior Design team whose project was to create an EEG-based Brain Machine Interface. They replicated the methods of Wolpaw and McFarland (2004) that were published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. At the time it was published, that article was quite cutting edge, and yet only three years later, my seniors managed to replicate a good portion of it. Even more impressive was the fact that, instead of using a sophisticated commercial EEG data acquisition system, my seniors built their own EEG amplifier and digitizer, using the freely available OpenEEG design.

The students were only able to get cursor control working in one dimension (up/down) - they ran out of time to implement left/right. Even getting up/down to work was a pretty impressive accomplishment given the poor signal to noise ratio of the homegrown EEG system.

The video below shows their system doing its thing:

Credit goes to my 2007 Senior Design team: Jesse Krigelman, Matt Brooks, Drew Taylor, and Lee Chavous.

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