Thursday, October 29, 2015

Football Stadium

Depending where you live, you might be aware that Temple's football team is having a pretty good year, and the powers that be are capitalizing on the momentum to put together a deal to build a stadium on campus. Currently, Temple's football games are played at Lincoln Financial Field, which is where the Eagles play, on the other side of Philadelphia.

I don't really see the wisdom in building a stadium on campus. For starters, there's no great place to put it. More pressingly, there's zero (literally) space for parking. And finally, there's no great way for 35,000 fans to get to Temple's campus all at once. It's a logistical mystery.

More importantly are the financial question marks. The administrators claim that tuition dollars won't be used to fund any of the operation, but its hard to see how any future losses would otherwise be absorbed.

Happily, someone did the research into how these things usually turn out. This article is fantastic. I think everyone at Temple should read it:

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