Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Common Spatial Patterns

Congratulations to lab member Alessandro Napoli who presented a poster titled, "Combined Spatial Pattern and Spectral Filtering for EEG-Based BCIs" at last week's Conference on Neural Engineering in Cancun.

Alessandro is studying methods of de-noising EEG signals for brain machine interface applications. We now have an IRB in place to study his proposed technique in quite a few people, so hopefully his summer should be quite productive and we'll have some good results to publish come fall.

The technique he proposes combines Common Spatial Patterns (CSP) filtering with spectral analysis to look for areas of high activity in the brain during BMI tasks. His preliminary data is encouraging.

We are learning that acquiring high-quality EEG signals is as much art as it is science. We'll put together a blog post later this summer with some of our newly-acquired wisdom.

You can download the full-sized poster here.

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