Wednesday, May 4, 2011

EEG Headsets

A while ago I wrote about limitations in the EEG Headset market. I thought I might post an updated list of whats on the market these days. These are a combinations of products and research endeavors.

Developed for gaming - Lack signal integrity for actual EEG research

Prohibitively Expensive
IMEC Group: Dry electrodes, ASIC front end, 8 channels (not available for purchase, but ASICs are very expensive)
Quasar: Custom dry electrodes, up to 23 channels (recently quoted at $50k)

Not available for purchase
Advanced Brain Monitoring: 20 channels

Low Channel Count / Not available for purchase
Halifax Consciousness Scan: 3 channels
University of Sydney: Dry conductive silicone electrodes, 3 channels
Aalto Univ (Finland): 8 channels

Developed for NeuroMarketing; No published performance data / Not available for purchase

So there is without question a lot of interest in developing wireless ambulatory EEG, but it appears that no one has quite yet gotten a plug-and-play off-the-shelf system going for a somewhat reasonable price. Opportunity knocks?

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  1. I have tried on the "Australian" system. It is basically developed in the lab in Italy where I worked when I was there. Gargiulo, the author is a really nice guy and he is a great "hardware guy", but when they tried to integrate their hardware into a complete BCI system, well the results weren't too successful. As we learnt BCIs don't always work as expected, they are a delicate combination of hardware, software, signal processing and accurate experimental paradigms.