Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CTE & the NCAA

The New York Times is reporting on a class action lawsuit filed by four former college athletes against the NCAA. They are alleging that the NCAA is not doing enough to prevent concussions or to detect and treat them. The account of one of the plaintiffs about his experiences in high school and college football are particularly impressive. The article also talks about athletes learning to use their helmets as weapons. Would football be safer if everyone wore old-timey leather helmets? Players would have to be more cautious in their play and certainly wouldn't use their noggins as battering rams. Just a thought :)


  1. Is there any research that compares brain injuries between football and rugby? I expect rugby to have a significantly lower rate of brain injuries which would support the argument that leather helmets, or no helmets at all, would make football safer.

  2. A quick scan of Pubmed (the National Library of Medicine database) shows no hits for such a study. Hmm. It would seem that we have a winning idea on our hands!